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I have spent almost as much time planning family vacations as I have meetings and events (my day job).  We are fortunate to have traveled to some amazing places, mostly within the United States as our family is trying to see all 50.  Many of our friends and family know this; therefore, they often ask for recommendations when planning a trip.  In an effort to 'accommodate' in one place, I have decided to post up past trips on this site as a planning tool to help create your own adventure.  If I don't know you and you have found my site, I am flattered.


My hope is that what I have come across 'in our travels' may help you in yours!  

Enjoy the Journey!


There are some upsides (not many) to Covid-19. ..and for us, the Azores was one of them.   We originally had a trip planned to mainland Portugal.  Due to rising Covid numbers and the threat of potential closures, we pivoted (a week out…yes; you read that right!) to the Azores.  Although not the trip we originally planned, the Azores (nine islands in the middle of the Atlantic ) are a magical place.  Enjoy the Journey!

A goal of ours is to travel to all 50 this ticked off four for us (a personal record in one trip!)  We flew into Montana and made our way south through Wyoming and Idaho and flying out of Utah.  If I am being honest, this trip itinerary is the most requested among friends.  It's a big place! 


The Dakotas are landscape and miles covered!  There is a lot to see in this special place.  The Badlands rival Grand Canyon in our eyes - just as scenic and not nearly as crowded.

Scotland is a magical place.  So much to explore.  We covered a lot and still did not even put a dent in it.  We have a wee bit more to see!

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